Friday, June 1, 2007

I get real quiet
and listen...
until the silence is deafening.

Silence speaks
in her own tongue.

To hear what she says,
listen carefully.

She's an enchanting rhythm
that goes on and on.
If you tune into her frequency,
she will lead you to the point
between the past and the future,
where they cancel each other out.

Think of a tuning fork.
Sense its' vibrations.
Feel your body
tune to the fork.
The hum.

Hear it grip your ears
your attention
your mind.

Maybe She loves you.
The Hum,
this resonance of being...

There is an intelligence
in the Rhythm.

If you would hear
she'd tell you that she loves you.
She's telling you right now.

Listen carefully,
to this sacred song
of Silence


mystic rose said...

precious! glad you got to experience that. and hey, thanks for letting me know.

Pankaj Gupta said...

Wow thats really Awesome..i mean its so nice to hv such grt Poet's in b/w r u long..??

well its a nice poem(as i said earlier)..and i think that..

"Silence is more Powerful Thn WORDS"

I hv Experience of that..have a good day..

as Mystic Rose said thnx for letting us know dear..bye.

krystyna said...

Hi Payal!
Silence speaks in her own tongue!
But her voice yields special message...Listen carefully,
to this sacred song
of Silence ...
Very nice expresision.
Have a sweet, happy weekend!

Sharad Mathur said...

u come once in a blue moon but put yr prints so deep on our minds. LOLS ;)

nice post!

Beefybob7 said...

Have been sitting out listening and looking at the moon. It was very quiet and bright. I guess there was plenty going on, but the sound waves were being cancelled out with only the light waves shining through a dark void. How was it on your side of the moon Payal?

Neo said...

Its amazing what a moment of silence can say...great poem!

soul&body said...

i also loved this part "Silence speaks in her own tongue!"