Monday, September 17, 2007

Sixes ! Sweet Catches ! Plenty of power drives ! Amazing field ! and Stupid Runouts !
Welcome to the world of cricket. Oh of course the mighty God is definitely not on our side but am sure one day we will see good cricket. But I don’t know by that time how many hopes , how many hearts would break between this recuperating performance.
Came back from my very long long long holidays. And just realized people again going mad after cricket. Thank you people for remembering me. (feels good when good ppl are around )
Now days I watch cricket not just with a hope that our Indian oops ! Team India will win, But I watch it. Cuz Its in my things-to-watch list. So Dhoni is now leading our Team India, I am not sure about our winning but I am pretty sure that a lot of Castrol / Pepsi / Gilette / Videocon / Shampoo advertising companies would swell their budget out to enchant Indian customers. A lot of things go wrong in cricket. Its not a game now. Welcome to the world of cricket cum politics ! My Hopes go haywire sometimes Ha ha !
Will be ON my blog from now on. Sayonara


Beefybob7 said...

Hi Payal,

Missed you, along with everyone else I guess. Haven't been following the cricket much. Will have to pay closer attention.

Take care

Beefybob7 said...


Ok,now who is this Yuvraj Singh person? Why does he have no pity for the English team? It's just not cricket belting sixes all day!!

Well good on him.

naren_buddy said...

so, even u taking easy and popular topic to make a grand entry...;) this msg was sponsored by Gillette..the best a man can back

deepanjali said...

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Anonymous said...

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