Monday, April 30, 2007

Hey guys, just wondering if you can solve these:
Plsm write what u feel. And for heavens sake don’t define any word here .
I know, you all are masterpiece.
But let me hear what you have or feel deep in your heart about these.

1) Love ? (Most of us play with this word)
2) Friendship ?
3) Friends ( mind you, friendship and friends are two different words for me)
4) Betrayal ?
5) Emotion ?
6) A tear ?
7) Pain ?
8) Anger ?

Oh yes, some people differentiate between true love and love. Can anyone help me in this too ?


Sharad Mathur said...

i already defined top three in my last three posts on my blog!
i will try the rest...

keep visiting!

StandbyMind said...

Love - mmmmmmmmm mmmm nothing

Friendship - the best relationship I have made on my own........

Friends - always with me when I screw up...and never ever tells me to stop srewing up again!!

Betrayal - dont exect too much from anyone!

Emtions - feeeling high without the dope or the booooze

A tear - its is salty man

Pain - pain killer works always!!!

Anger - makes me blind...

krystyna said...

Hi Paypal!

1)Love - not see bad habit and manners.
2)Friendship - good manniers, favour, urbanity.
3)Friends - confidence.
4)Betrayal - turpitude.

I'll be back later.
Have a great day!

ashish soni said...

Love - Thr's no such thing in the world

Friendship - the best thing on this earth

Friends - always thr to help you

Betrayal - World is based on betrayals

Emotions :- Flows through eyes

Tears :- A way to show ur emotions

Pain :- When tears don't come out
pain takes its place

Anger :- A mixture of all the above ingredients makes Anger

Anonymous said...

hmm.... le me try ;)

love -

friendship - beautiful, best, lasting!

friends - those who can laugh with / at me !
[and i liked somethin that my frend said the other day, thers nothing like 'permanent friends' there are only 'permanent interests']

betrayal - the other side of realtionships

emotions - our true self, the one without the mask :D

tear - the last resort

pain - the inability to express

anger - the dormant volcano in action

[heheh, thats what each word means to me :D]

Beefybob7 said...

Hi Paypal,

Love makes the world go round. Guess it would be flat and uninteresting otherwise.

Everyone seems to be going well on the other words.

Beefybob7 said...

Hey Payal,

Guess I got an extra p in your name.
Soooo sorry - but I feel better now.

krystyna said...

5) Emotion - melting mood.
6) A tear - bitterness.
7) Pain - reflection about life.
8) Anger - to feel aggrieved.

All the best to you!

naren_buddy said...

love - greater sense of sacrifice
friendship - best thing
friends- god's gift
betrayal - u will get sooner or later, be prepared
emotion - crap..useless..source of every lil problem
a tear - gd way to release tension but only in solitude...
pain - its all in the mind..dont show it
anger - preserve it for most oppurtune moment

u dont find true love these days..its fatal...
hav u ever seen/read a true love story with happy ending..true love consumes u totally..and love is all abt consuming another person

naren_buddy said...

to speak the truth, after so many days i hav been to a really gr8 blog..gr8 man...keep it up...:)

Rajeev said...

Love: check my post LOVE.

Friendship: divine

Friends: God's Angels

Betrayal: I know this one! I've been/done a lotta times :D

Emotion: ???

Tears: Lightens ur heart and makes u feel great! :)

Pain: Love

Anger: I donno, dont usually get angry! :D

Peace & Love

the walker said...

hmmm.... interesting

love - ppl dunno know what it means. they confuse it with friendship.

friendship - something which ppl confuse with love.

friends - the other party in love/friendship

betrayal - the thing which happens when we feel someone we LOVED is just a good friend.

emotions - the thing which causes this confusion.

tear - a thing which happens when you get to know that you were confused.

pain - a short stage after we have sorted out the confusion

anger - this is another after stage which may or may not be there. if it is it is more effective than tears.

basically:- the line b/w friendship and love has blurred. dunno for good or bad.

there is a post titled BLAH i wrote... deals with some of these

take care

mystic rose said...

payal... no clue. :))

Maddy said...

It started as friendship, but what we shared was beyond friendship – did it graduate to love? Yes, I think so; just a thought of her brings about strong emotions, confirming it all. I can’t think of what a betrayal would mean,and what it would raise? tears? Or anger? Or, something more painful? Such is our love, true love, it is…

whatdya think - all aspects in one para - make some sense?

All Smiles!! said...

will come back later and do this :)

Payal said...

Sharad that was great.

Standbymind.. lol.. painkillers are the best.

Krystna that was awesome explaination. Hey its not Paypal :(

Ashish I wonder why two of us think the same. I do believe there is not such thing called love.

Shammu you are right, betrayal is the other side of a can happen if love, friendship too..

Beefybob.. no worries man.. :)

Naren correct. Its fatal to find true love.

Ahem Ahem.. Rajeev.. who betrayed you recently ;)

Hmmm Walker.. "love - ppl dunno know what it means. they confuse it with friendship.

friendship - something which ppl confuse with love."

You are right :)

Mystic... you are mysterious yaar ;-)

Maddy wow. it does make have put the entire thing in one circle.. starts with friendship and ends with pain..
so no pain no gain .. lol

All smiles.. we'll wait for your turn :)

Thank you all.
I am still confuse with these terms. I better stay away to explain myself :)

Cheers, Payal

confessing7girl said...

Love- something that only happens once in a lifetime and once you get it dont let go!!
Friendship-to cherish, very precious!!
Friends-sometimes they arent as willing to understand you as you thought...and other times you'll be surprised...
Tear-sad, happyness, emotion, u cant stop it.
Anger-pain, emotion,betrayal!!

Finally over...nice blog!!

priya said...

1) Love
- Its like a sesonal change until you meet the right one.

2) Friendship
- A treasure full of trust and sharing, giving.
3) Friends
- A camilion when time changes.

4) Betrayal
- A fear of insecurity

5) Emotion
- Unbalanced situations
6) A tear
-To shed for oneself

7) Pain
- To rejuvenate from the past
8) Anger
- wounds never heals.