Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who are you to come to me
as I lay within this pine.
Who are you to shed those tears
to claim that all was fine.

Who are you to call me friend
and say I will be missed.
Who are you to touch my hand
with one as cold and stiff.

Who are you to praise my past,
and steal my life of joy.
Who are you to take this task,
with hopes to fill your void.

Who are you to firm your lies,
with words that condescend.
Who are you to say good-bye,
at my journeys end.


Nabeel said...

I loved the last verse .. good-bye as my journey ends .. i think that was the deepest line. Why did you write .. as in the meaning behind this poem?

mystic rose said...

who is this for??

Payal said...

Hey Nabeel, thanks hope you liked it.
Mystic..this is for someone :)

Rajeev said...

Ah Splendid.
That was great.
Nice blog u've got here payal.
Hopin to see more frm urside.

Peace & love

INDR's Angels said...

seems to be a pent-up thought,
powerfully exposed.