Monday, March 26, 2007

Day after Days,
Night after Night,

The world moves as I stay still.
Staring at my plain dark bedroom wall.

Mother knocks on my door, but I feel too numb to answer
She cries, but I motionlessly don't answer.

I lie on my bed,
Screaming in my head.

Pain forever with me never leaving.
It goes with me everywhere.

Like my shadow,
Constantly there.

Now my sister turning into darkness.
She will before long be just like her brother.

And mother will soon give in.
The echo of glass breaking,

The sound of my mother screaming,
And me still emotionless as I lay.

The doors are slamming.
More glasses breaking.

And me just falling,
With no delay.

Now the house grows dark.
Only the noise of the wind and the crickets grows.

And for me I have now been swallowed by the darkness.
And all my fears have come true.


shruti said...

Hey dear, why you seems so depressed..
just cheer up and make ur life lively..

In B/w..there's a link in the bottom of right hand side in my blog with the name 'final sense'..
jsut chjeck that you will get very gud templates on that..

Taka care...

Ajnabi said...

hey payal,

life is nothing but summation of all these sort of things.. but we have to fight with them with just smile... so cheer up and smile now...

bcos your smile can make me smile...:):):)

so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz smile...

best wishes & take care

preeti said...

hey payal
cheer up..perseverance, endurance .. some big time words but needed at most cruicial times of our life dear

rays of hope planted within will make you shine forever


Pranay said...

Hey payal.
You write very well.
But in that dark room, you are with the whole world with this blog aren't you?
Doesn't this thought make you feel good?

xtremely_insane said...

uh oh...
assuming this is just a fantastic poem and not anything related to reality,
hi! just dropped by and glad i did ;)

Prashant said...
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Prashant said...

Hey, for your question on my blog:
He is more than GOD, he is DAD.

Your space:
Yes, you have really described the things very well but these things looks good in words only and never let that feeling rule you.

Be the master of your own dreams.
Spread love and happiness and dont forgot to smile atleast once in a day and that too all alone.......


Smiles :)

mystic rose said...


Payal said...

Am so sorry ppl, missed your comments. I was on vaccation.

Hey Shruti thanks. Of course you are right about being depressed. But its good to give time and flush out whatever is there inside me.Sometimes, for a while ppl need to do that. Shruti I tried your final sense link. but i was stuck in using it. Some xml error.
Thanks for help.

Ajnabi well I am still smiling :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

wlc preeti.
sometimes it's good to say what you always wish to, and I realized this when I did it, I always feel a strange combination of sadness and joy. There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well. So I take the memories as they come, accepting them all, letting them guide me whenever I can. This happens more often than I let on.

Pranay of course this makes me feel good. thanks :)

Xtreme thanks for visiting :)

Prashant, you know i was wondering while reading your blog. You described it so well. thnx for the answer :)

hello flower gal .. hmmm too.... lol.
Now I got a tulip flower at my home. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

payal.....I like your work...your darkness doesn't bother into my archives..plenty of dark angles and broken glass there too...

I especially loved your piece on virtual relationships.....questions my friends and I (virtual and 'real') have often asked, discussed....humans being what they are.....are inclined to eventually wind up in bed, Yes? Virtual-ness just makes it a. easier and b. not so morally messy......after all - it's just fantasy.....or is it?

thought provoking


ankurindia said...

hey really you wrote it very well


she said she's blooking some poet, that's me, am sorry, i throw bombs, grrrrrrr men, they appologize twice, 1st to be spooken for and put under mercy of the judge eye and the jury eye, appologize again when they realize their crime. send my regards to RED DIRT GIRL, tell her Ali Baba says hellow

Payal said...

Hey red dirt girl thnx for the suggestions.
Ankur thanks :)
Whiskey I didn't understand what exactly you wanna say.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

This is a great writing from you at this very young age. I admire your talent.
thanks for visiting my blog.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Words are amazing it depicts the mood of one's heart ...but there is always a hope...!
Let this hope keep the light burn
Good writing, keep writing

Shruti said...

Hi payal, I hope you had a great vacations. and ya time heel everything..just take care of urself..
In between, on final sense , there are different templates for new and old bloggers so just check that..
Keep smiling and fighting..everything will be alright..
God bless you...